Sparhawk Pub Crawl XIV

T-Shirt Design


Software Used:

Way back in my twenties, my friends and I decided to throw a pub crawl. There weren't many of us, but we all had a good time and decided to do it again the following year. That year, a few more people showed up. Then we did it a third year. It got a little bigger. By the time we hit our thirties, our modest little pub crawl turned into an event of several hundred people.

Throughout this time, my job was to design the t-shirt every year. Each year we could come up with a theme based on the t-shirt design and purchase various props and costumes.

For the fourteenth year, we went with a cops and robbers theme. In brainstorming ideas with my friends, we decided for this year to design two seperate shirt styles. We did an blue "cops" theme and an orange "robbers" theme.