Creature Feature

Flash-based Character Creator


Software Used:

Back in 2004, I was given an art test for a job I had applied for. The assignment was to show an understanding of how discrete features can be modified to influence the whole.

As a RPG gamer from way back, I decided to create a character created where a user can mix and match a creature’s body parts and then modify size and color for each part. I started with sketches for ears, noses, eyes and body types, all based on a shared body type. I then imported those elements in Adobe Flash and separated elements first by the body type, and then by where color modifications would be. I set pivot points on each object so that when they grow or rotate, they do so at the correct point. I built UI radio buttons and sliders to allow users to input a range of options. Lastly, I added a randomize button that would set each property to a random value.

Below is the finished product. It requires the Adobe Flash plug-in and will not display properly on all devices.