Chef Louie Night

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Chef Louie Night started from the humble beginnings of my old apartment. I liked graphic design and building websites, my friend Louie was a budding chef and the rest of my friends were just really good at throwing parties.

I built a web site where people could vote on a theme, a main ingredient and a handful of secondary ingredients. We would present Louie with the voting results the morning of the event and he would have the day to prepare a meal based on the results. Our friends would come over and we'd eat, drink and have a great time.

Eventually our parties became a bit too popular. While no one ever left without a good meal, large crowds spilling out into the street and frequent visits by the local police led us to expand the capacity of the event a bit. We decide to host Chef Louie Night at local restuants throughout Boston. With a larger operation, I redesigned for a more modern look.

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