Trait Sets

Lord of the Rings Online



Software Used:

At launch, LOTRO had a very simple trait system in place that didn't really provide the players the level of customization that they expect in a top tier MMO. With the release of Mines of Moria, we designed a trait system that provided players with a deeper level of customization within thier class by providing traits that a player could earn through questing. Furthermore, a player would recieve role-based bonuses for slotting class traits that were part of the same trait set.

My role was to design an user experience to be easily understood and also craft an immersive UI experience indicative of the various playstyles a player can choose. I planned the user flow and general layout with the design leads to create wireframes for the basic layout of the system. Once agreed upon, the engineering team was able to take the wireframes to create basic functionality while I was able to mock up the visual presentation in Photoshop. When both tasks were complete, I integrated the graphics with the functional prototype to make a finalized UI system using Turbine's proprietary UI tools.