Legendary Items / Item Advancement

Lord of the Rings Online



Software Used:

For the launch of the Mines of Moria expansion, LOTRO launched the Legendary Items system allowing players to forge various weapons that they were then able to customize a level up. A legendary item consisted of “Legacies” that were attitribute buffs that could be applied to the player's weapon as he/she leveled it up. A second way to customize these weapons is to apply up to four different “Runics” to the weapon to apply additional customization.

In addition to the weapon system itself, there were additional systems that allowed player to take legendary weapons to a forge to deconstruct unwanted weapons into runes. Runes, in turn, could be combined with one another to form even more powerful Runes.

A great deal of time was spent working with the Game Design team to craft exactly how player could manage multiple weapons. Many strategies were wire-framed and tested before coming to the solution that we launched with. Artistically, I relied to some of the textures used in our in-game weapons to give the system a more tactile look. Legendary Items was one of the key features associated with Mines of Moria, an expansion that has earned a meta-critic score of 85.