Player Card

Infinite Crisis



Software Used:

One of the major UI scripting tasks that I was charged with was what we called the Player Card. It was an interface that allowed the player to bring up any relevant information about another player or NPC simply by left-clicking on it. On it's surface, it was a pretty simple interface, but behind the scenes it was a very challenging system to work on. By clicking on another player, the server would send the client a player ID. From there, the UI needed to look up the stats, gear, XP level and health information as well as determine whether that person or NPC was a friend, enemy or neutral entity.

While the design and information architecture was done by another artist, my role with this system was to script the UI to work properly. While I had quite a bit of experience scripting in Actionscript, it was a great learning experience with receiving and manipulating server-side data.