Character Generation

Dungeons & Dragons Online



Software Used:

Dungeons & Dragons' main mission has always been to capture what it's like to play the pen and paper game in an immersive MMO world. Because of the massive amount of races and classes and deep customization of your character, a player is presented with an overwhelming number of choices before his/her character is even made. We sought out to provide players with an easier initial experience while still allowing experienced player to customize their characters with the same depth and complexity they're used to.

The first step is to group all classes into three different play styles (fighter, caster, specialist) to focus the decision on “what type of character do you want to play” before presenting the player with the multitude of classes and custom builds available. From there the player can select his/her class. After class is selected, the player can choose to create their own specialized build or stick with one of three templates to further customize how his/her character will play. Lastly, a player is able to choose his/her race and customize the cosmetic aspects of their character.

I worked with the design team to wireframe out the initial flow of the system. I also created the initial mock up to set art style. From there, I managed the team of UI artist to design the subsequent pages based off of my mock ups and integrate the art files into engine.